A side project maintained for almost 10 years, WatchThis was a website designed to help you discover great movies and keep track of the ones you've watched. It had a recommendation engine and a live-search feature. My friend Alexandre Testu made it look awesome.

Person laying on a couch, interacting with an iPad that lists 20 movie posters including Shindler's List, Ghost in the Shell and The Kid.
Discover movies to add to your to-watch list.
iPad on a wooden desk. It displays my user profile with the posters for my 10 favorite movies (Everything is Illuminated, Back to the Future, True Romance) and a list of 10 movies I want to watch, including Shindler's List and 2001: A Space Odissey.
My actual user profile.
iPad displaying the movie page for Lost in Translation with the poster, release year, subtitle, plot, cast, comments, similar movies and buttons to watch the trailer or watch the movie on iTunes.