Hi, I'm Kevin Bongart.

I'm a New York-based software engineer originally from Paris, currently building supply chain apps at Blue Apron to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.

Here are a few things I made: Mostro, ChallengePost, WatchThis, Our Band Is Called, Kanban, My Daily Goal, canistreamit, valid_attribute, update_if_changed, join_cache, Rufio, Babymonkey, Trellolol, AgileBoard, HungryNow and Global Eater.

I enjoy pleasant email exchanges. Feel free to contact me: contact@kevinbongart.net. You'll also find me on GitHub and Twitter.

Lead developer (2014—2015)

Mostro is a server monitoring service bringing usability and ease of setup to a world of complex, often critical problems.

Users can get a server fully monitored within seconds, with actionable insights for services such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache etc. out of the box, and hundreds of checks and triggers already configured with sensible defaults.

The shell-based agent is secure, open-source, lightweight and extensible, while the text-based, server-side configuration allows for an easy deploy accross infrastructures using tools like Ansible, Chef and Puppet. Users can write their own additional checks using in any language. Here's a simple example.

Made with Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Redis, InfluxDB and Bash.

The dashboard highlights what's currently wrong, how bad it is, how long has it been, and who's working on it. The app provide helpful solutions, for instance specific MySQL settings.

No need for flashy charts when everything is running smoothly. Mostro will let you know if anything goes wrong.

"Alert me via Slack if the CPU on #worker servers is critical for more than 1 minute, and text the whole team if the problem persists for more than 5 minutes."

Ruby developer (2011—2014)

ChallengePost is a platform for online software competitions and in-person hackathons. Thousands of developers have participated in hundreds of challenges organized by New York City, Evernote, Samsung, the MTA and the White House.

Made with Ruby on Rails and dark chocolate covered almonds.

Discover hundreds of challenges, build software to solve problems, win prizes.

Each challenge can be entirely customized.


WatchThis is a website designed to help you discover great movies and keep track of the ones you've watched. It has a recommendation engine and a live-search feature. My friend Alexandre Testu made it look awesome.

Made with Ruby on Rails, Redis, TMDB API and Rotten Tomatoes API.

Discover movies to add to your to-watch list.

My actual user profile. That's right: I still haven't seen these movies.

Our Band Is Called…

Our Band Is Called… is a Rock'n'Roll band name generator. It's an open-source implementation of Bill Harris' algorithm using Flickr, Wikipedia and The Quotations Page. As always, Alex made it look awesome.

Made with Ruby, Sinatra and Rock'n'Roll. Fork it on GitHub.

Sometimes I want these records to actually exist.

I once heard that people at the New York Times had a lot of fun with it, which is pretty cool.


Kanban is a project management app that gives a clear overview of the upcoming tasks, who is currently working on what and what has recently been deployed. It's pretty because of Holly, but the project was abandonned when Trello was released.

Made with Ruby on Rails. Fork it on GitHub.

Tasks and user photos are drag'n'droppable. See the progress of a task with color indicators. The limit of a column gets highlighted when there are too many tasks being worked on, to help the team focus on shipping.

My Daily Goal

My Daily Goal is an app that helps your reach your goals. It was initially inspired by Jerry Seinfeld's productivity tip and helped me break my snooze button addiction.

Made with Ruby on Rails and Mr. T.

Create a goal in one click. No signup, no password, no problem.

And more

canistreamit is a Ruby wrapper for canistream.it API.

valid_attribute is a Ruby on Rails gem for validating Active Records, one attribute at a time.

update_if_changed is a Ruby on Rails gem for running ActiveRecord#update only when needed.

join_cache is a gem to speed up your ActiveRecord associations using Memcached.

Rufio is an app that offers a useful log for Customer.io events.

Babymonkey is an app to test HTML email layouts using Mandrill transactional email service.

Trellolol is an app to learn more about your Trello boards.

AgileBoard is an app to help teams get a clear view of their current sprint using data from Pivotal Tracker.

HungryNow is an app to get food recommendations. It uses Punchfork API to find recipes.

Global Eater is an app to help you discover food from around the globe. It uses Yelp API to find local restaurants.